Thursday, 15 August 2013

Animal Alphabet Limited Edition Screen Prints by me
I have been working on my Animal Alphabet screen prints in my spare time over 9 months (literally my babies!) during my day off in a lovely studio in Peckham, London.
 They are in limited editions of 100. I took inspiration from my collection of 50's & 60's children's books, which has helped give them a really modern retro style.
It was a really exciting project as it encouraged me to develop creativity within the restriction imposed by the letters of the alphabet and the requirement that each animal had to be doing something beginning with its letter. I never would have thought of a ‘Valentine Vulture' or a 'Scooting Squirrel' with out this thought process! My main rule is that my work has to make people smile so I can pass on the fun I had designing them!
 Acrobatic Ants at the circus!
 the little bird is dropping a coin into busking bears hat, guess who's off to buy some honey?
 best mode of transport for mr mouse on a rainy day
mr mouse is auditioning for Drumming Donkeys band

 Eager Elephant provides some shelter for mr mouse when he needs tp pop out for a cheese sandwich!

 don't pop the balloon little birdie!

 a helping hand in the garden....need one of these!
  a pic of my boyfriend when he was younger, deffo the real life version of Hippy hamster!
Indian Iguana hanging with mr mouse with his bow & arrow

 a jolly jelly fish desert! yippeeeeee yum!
 this kintting kangaroo must not live in Australia if it needs a woolly scarf!
 leaping lion is scared of mice!. but lets birds nest in his mane!
 Miming Monkey provides hours of entertainment....bravo
 nursing nightingale is busy ready bedtime stories
 outer space octopus cant keep up with the little bird!
 very talented performing puppy
 come on Quick Quail, you can win!
 my fave Rodeo Rabbit simple Rocks....yee ha
 Scooting Squirrel will loose his hat if he's not careful!
 wizzing by at quite a speed Travelling Tortoise...and hang on mr snail is getting a lift too!
 I heard a saying 'always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn, then be a unicorn' well I'm a Unicycling unicorn!

 Oh I do hope Valentine Vultures date turns up!

 mr mouse and weight lifting walrus are bezzies
 under the sea...da da da da.....under the sea....da da da da

 Mr mouse when I asked you to paint a Yak I didn't mean that!

I really really really really want a zig-zag zebra! (spice girls stylee)

Snap up your favourite letter, or your initials, or even spell out your name, great for Nurserys

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