Sunday, 22 July 2012

this little piggy went to market....

What an amazing day we had yesterday at the local Northcross Road market in East Dulwich, South East London. The sun was shining at last, and everyone was out exploring the market and making the most of it.
 Our Ketchup on Everything stall looked the best of course! ;0)
 i LOVE our new BIG ORANGE gazebo, the only one that colour at the market, and it matches the
colour of our bedroom carpet.
 my home made sandwich board looked great
 The Fantastic Mr Mark Fox was a great help, couldn't have done it without him. Thanks Mark!!
 My screen prints and tea towels went down very well with the locals, and I so happy to know my prints will be hung on lots of walls today! :0))

 We were very lucky to have The Dulwich Ukulele Club turn up late afternoon and play some amazing music, my favourite being the Mexican song about drinking- 'Mohito' have a listen!!

Me with a glass of wine and some chips at the end of the day, well deserved!

Monday, 9 July 2012

friday afternoon fun part one

friday afternoon fun making a sandwich board for my next market and a bit of a 'ketchup on everything' chalkboard photoshoot of my new melamine coasters and tea towels!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Whitstable treasure hunt

 if you like oysters you will love Whitstable!
 lets get FIZZY!!!, retro sweets at the 'odd shop'

a great traditional hardware shop called Harry & Co, lots of fun colour-loving the retro poster signage
 I brought turquoise & yellow ones of these, this 30p will save me so much time as I always try the wrong one first when opening my front door!

 gingerbread man at the front is not looking happy as he is NEXT!AHHHH!
 knitted bike clothes
 lots of lovely smelly old books, I love that smell!
 brought lots of treasures off Daisy Bazaar, what a great selection!!

 brought a lovely red enamel saucepan off two lovely girls fro this stall, they dont have a website but are there on a regular basis, LOVED their yellow lucky charm owl!(below)

 treasure boxes!
 came across this amazing print studio at the Harbour, a dream to print there!
 she sells she shells, but actually she doesnt -20p sea shell honesty box
 A mountain of Oyster shells!
 Treasure caves in fishermans huts, had a rummage!
 a small but busy working harbour..
 the fishermans friend!
AB SEA you next time Whitstable!!! :0)))

Friday, 6 July 2012

rummage find of the day!

Vintage French Pomme Enamel Mugs on Etsy....

cookery cards and picture books

 Last sunday I went to two carboot's in Farnham, Surrey and came across these wonderful retro paper delights. I adore them, not sure why so decided to have a photoshoot to share the love.....beautiful colours and mix of over saturated images on the 70's 'Carrier' cookery cards with the near photographic hand painted ladybird book illustrations....yummy

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Animal Planet (psychedelic)

Ive been on a psychedelic Space Safari in my living room this morning!! Delighted to discover these incredible species, creations of 'The Good Machinery'
A freelance artist/designer/painter who lives in Italy.... Love the combination of colours with the bright fluro hi-lights & combination of matt with metallic shine......Stupendo!!! .....the only problem is which one to buy....I want all of them!!!!!

Monday, 7 May 2012

Betty Crocker stirs in the smiles

 'Betty Crocker' cookery books have been my absolute flipping fantastic fun fanny dizzy daisy find of the weekend!! I am so over excited I cant control myself they just make me so happy!! 

A cultural American Iconic brand created by Marjarie Husted in 1921. They chose the name 'Betty' because it was seen as a cheery 'all-American' name...... they certainly make me very Cheery!!

I love the combination of the drawn illustrations with the retro over saturated photography and the rather 'blunt' cookery delights, they are so un delicate...Respect Betty Crocker, THIS IS ART!!! :0)

Monday, 23 April 2012

You can stand under my vintage umbrella, ella ella

If this rain is going to keep up I will need to be investing in something a little more stylish than my 'handy' pocket sized WHsmith special....Here are a few I've found on Etsy...something a little more cheery to help 'un dampen' your spirits!!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

April Showers boredom buster!! thanks to Ellen Giggenbach's cut paper art..

 Ellen Giggenbach's print designs are inspired by her collection of mid century treasures. She assembles graphic shapes from art papers painted in her vibrant and joyful designs.  " My German heritage adds a element of folk to my designs and my passion for the 1950's, 60's and believe it or not even the 70's! inspires my graphic shapes and crazy color combinations!"

Friday, 20 April 2012

The Fireside Book of Children's Songs... John Alcorn

possibly the best book in the world?? What a delight to come across these illustrations by John Alcorn (2.10.1935-1.27.1992) His beautiful books are top on my list of my junk shop treasure hunt's!
Love the restricted colour palette he has used, fantastic inspiration for textile print designers!