Thursday, 10 May 2012

Animal Planet (psychedelic)

Ive been on a psychedelic Space Safari in my living room this morning!! Delighted to discover these incredible species, creations of 'The Good Machinery'
A freelance artist/designer/painter who lives in Italy.... Love the combination of colours with the bright fluro hi-lights & combination of matt with metallic shine......Stupendo!!! .....the only problem is which one to buy....I want all of them!!!!!

Monday, 7 May 2012

Betty Crocker stirs in the smiles

 'Betty Crocker' cookery books have been my absolute flipping fantastic fun fanny dizzy daisy find of the weekend!! I am so over excited I cant control myself they just make me so happy!! 

A cultural American Iconic brand created by Marjarie Husted in 1921. They chose the name 'Betty' because it was seen as a cheery 'all-American' name...... they certainly make me very Cheery!!

I love the combination of the drawn illustrations with the retro over saturated photography and the rather 'blunt' cookery delights, they are so un delicate...Respect Betty Crocker, THIS IS ART!!! :0)