Thursday, 9 May 2013

Modern Movement Design Fair at Brockwell Lido

Over the Bank Holiday I had a delightful rummage at Brockwell Lido 'Modern Movement Design Fair' Herne Hill, London. I liked the fact that I had the option of cooling myself off If I needed to, after getting so excited over all of the lovely retro treasures which were up for grabs. A glorious sunny day made this one of my most pleasurable shopping experiences to date. Here are a few pic's, I'm gutted on reflection I wish I would have brought the gold robot!

swimming and shopping- 'swimping'?!
love these bold retro printed swivel chairs
vintage french educational cards, tres magnifique!
These are class A treasure finds, amazing colours & illustrations
50's illustration, what is crazy dog up to? well I'm sorry I cant tell you as it looked to be written in french, but I do know I love him.
especially love the tiny espresso cups & saucers
Display with blue sky too lovely to buy
who would have thought I would see an owl & a robot in Brockwell Lido today.....
tapestry girl in ornate gold frame is contemplating a skinny dip
cool outdoor furniture, you can have custom made with any colour at ends (ps this is my boyfriend)
The green Ivy queen long awaits her prince from the castle on the hill. The End.
Right that's enough rummaging for me, time for brekki at the Lido cafe(its sooo good)

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