Sunday, 8 July 2012

Whitstable treasure hunt

 if you like oysters you will love Whitstable!
 lets get FIZZY!!!, retro sweets at the 'odd shop'

a great traditional hardware shop called Harry & Co, lots of fun colour-loving the retro poster signage
 I brought turquoise & yellow ones of these, this 30p will save me so much time as I always try the wrong one first when opening my front door!

 gingerbread man at the front is not looking happy as he is NEXT!AHHHH!
 knitted bike clothes
 lots of lovely smelly old books, I love that smell!
 brought lots of treasures off Daisy Bazaar, what a great selection!!

 brought a lovely red enamel saucepan off two lovely girls fro this stall, they dont have a website but are there on a regular basis, LOVED their yellow lucky charm owl!(below)

 treasure boxes!
 came across this amazing print studio at the Harbour, a dream to print there!
 she sells she shells, but actually she doesnt -20p sea shell honesty box
 A mountain of Oyster shells!
 Treasure caves in fishermans huts, had a rummage!
 a small but busy working harbour..
 the fishermans friend!
AB SEA you next time Whitstable!!! :0)))

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